North Edmonton Gymnastics Club

Ages: 2- 3½ year old  

Max children per class 8

A coach directed, parent assisted 45 minute class that incorporates social interaction with others, as well as fundamental movement patterns.  These preschool development skills include: hanging, swinging, rolling, balancing, and projection and reception.  The goals of this class are to assist the child to then transition easily into the non parented preschool gymnastics program.



A fun based fundamental gymnastics and imagination pre-school age program. Working our minds and motor skills together. Please contact the gym for more information.

Pre-School Programs

Ages: 3½ – 4½ years old

Tumblebees gymnastics class is a program for children who have completed sessions in the TumbleBunnies parented class to transition from a parented gymnastics program to learning independently in the coach directed gymnastics environment.  This preschool gymnastics class is 45 minutes in length.

You must bring in your signed and printed Mandatory AGF Form and PIPA Formon

or before the first day of class.


Ages: 4½ – 5½ years old

Max children per class 7

An energetic educational gymnastics program that helps prepare the preschool child for school.

We incorporate into our preschool gymnastics classes, gross motor skills, rote counting, identification of body parts and the ability to follow verbal directions.  NEGC uses developmental appropriate skills for teaching preschool aged children to ensure age appropriate activities for physical and mental development.  Preschool children rotate through bars, floor, beams, vault and trampoline apparatus.

Little Minds and Motors